WellSight Log Viewer

WellSight Log Viewer 6.05

WellSight Log Viewer allows you to view and print strip log files

WellSight Log Viewer is a free program that allows you and your business partners to view and print strip log files. It does not, however, allow you to create or modify log files. For this, use one of the STAR.LOG suite of programs.

With the WellSight Log Viewer you can open and view any log file generated by any STAR.LOG program, view the header information in the log file, print all or a portion (e.g. one day's drilling) of the strip log to any page-oriented printer supported by Windows.

All page-orient printers are supported - color or monochrome at any depth range of the log, and, optionally, the log headers and symbol legends, and/or track headings.

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